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Final Chapter of The Green Man now available!

January 8, 2013
A bit later than planned, but the final chapter of The Green Man - No. 9 - is now available to read!

I must say a big thank you to my friend Daniel in Chile who gave up his free time to translate it into Spanish, bringing the complete book to Spanish speakers for the first time!

You can read The Green Man, Der Grune Mann, L'homme en Vert and El hombre de Verde here

I can now start on the electronic book version of each translation presenting the book in its original comic book format.


Chapter 8 in Spanish now available!

November 11, 2012
Click here to read "El Hombre de Verde" Capitulo 8!

With many thanks to Daniel for translating this on such a quick turnaround! Only one more Chapter to go!


Chapter 8 also available in French and German!

November 6, 2012
Click here to read Der Gruen Mann Kapitel 8 and L'homme en vert Chapitre 8!

I have uploaded alternative links for German and English chapters not available either in Germany or the USA on YouTube, but there may be up to a day's delay in the videos becoming 'live'.

Chapter 8 - in English - Now Available!

November 5, 2012
Click here to read the English version of The Green Man!

The German, French and Spanish versions will follow in the next few days :)

This is the peultimate episode - only 1 more to go!

As always, feedback always very welcome! :)

Playmobil Hair!

October 30, 2012
I've updated the Playmobil Hair page with photos of the newer hairstyles. I still do not have them all, but it's getting there... and there'll probably be new ones out in 2013!

The page shows all the hairstyles for bareheaded (hatless!) klickies!


The sequel...

September 21, 2012
Since Playmobil's manufacturer - Geobra Brandstatter put an end to The Green Man being a commercial venture back in February,  the sequel - "The Doomsday Tablet" has had to be put on hold.

The manufacturer however kindly approved continued publication and production of my comics on a non-commercial basis (and have supported me in my bid to make the The Green Man freely available on Facebook and in their forthcoming fan website).

It's mainly a question of finance - not only in terms of buying large quantities of Playmobil and upgrading my photographic and IT equipment, but of helping to support my family during the many months such a book takes to produce.

The sequel however is fully scripted and sketched, and rather than just permanently putting it on hold Thomas's adventures will continue in a non-visual medium, as a series of children's fiction books: not something I ever expected to do, but which I'm finding an enjoyable challenge... and probably not that unexpected considering my background.  (It's extremely practical - I can pick up the writing whenever I like and there are no costs but time!  I hope to complete the first book within 6 months - video editing permitting!, and I will then do the publishing rounds, while probably writing the second.

Does this mean an end to future Playmobil comics?  Hopefully not.  You never know, but promotion of The Green Man alone is not enough to make this dream come true and my creative juices are urging me on.  Converting The Green Man into a video has kept me going, but it's now time to move forward and bring the sequels into existence.

Unfortunately this means non-English speaking fans of Thomas Swift may have a long wait to read further adventures, but I hope in the meantime you'll continue supporting it by sharing, linking  and generally spreading the word about "The Green Man" to your family and friends, especially to children, and in any Playmobil communities you belong to :)

This website will continue to focus on my Playmobil activities.


Chapter 7 now available!

September 17, 2012
Read Chapter 7 here

(in English, French, German and Spanish)

With many thanks again to Daniel for translating it into Spanish :)

Alternative Videos now available!

September 10, 2012
YouTube ssues have now been overcome and German and US residents having trouble seeing particular videos can now find alternative links on the "Read the Green Man" pages! 

Work is progressing quickly on Chapter 7 and it should be available by the end of the week (with thanks again to Dany for his hard work translating the text into Spanish)!

(Chapters effected:-
The Green Man - Chapter 1
El Hombre de Verde - Capitulo 1
The Green Man - Chapter 6
Der Grune Mann - Chapter 6)

Der Grüne Mann - Kapitel 6!

September 3, 2012
Finally - you can now view "Der Grüne Mann" Kapitel 6 on my Facebook page:- 

Hopefully I'll be able to embed the video (via imageshack) on the website in the next day or so.

Apologies to German readers for the delay.

Viewing Chapter 1 in Germany and the USA

September 2, 2012
Unfortunately music copyright issues have now hit the English and Spanish versions of Chapter 1 on YouTube: they are now not viewable in Germany or the USA, which makes it hard to follow the story!  I am trying various things to remedy the situation, and the videos (including the German version of Chapter 6) should be available to view on Facebook.  Unfortunately I cannot embed the videos direct to this website due to the technical limitations of Yola.

Viewers outside Germany and the USA should have no problems. While a solution is found, German residents can still read Chapter 1 in German and Chapters 2-5 in all other languages.  USA residents can read Chapters 2 to 6 in any language they like!  I am sorry it is so complicated - please bear with me!!!


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