We are still in the midst of the pandemic, and as hinted at in my last blog post, life has changed, and I have decided to start work on the sequel to The Green Man - The Doomsday Tablet!  This will be a two part adventure - twice the length of the first one, and will see Thomas Swift time-travelling again, his first stop - Hadrian's Wall 160 AD. Romans will therefore figure prominently, but the second part will see him going somewhere very different...

The Green Man was first published as an eBook in the Apple Store - with Ave Comics, and then had a short life as a printed copy in 2011 ( - hence 10th Anniversary celebrations). However, when sale of the book became an impossibility, it then became available for free, as an e-book on ISSU, and as a video slideshows on Youtube and Vimeo, with added music and sound effects.  The Doomsday Tablet will be published in a different way.

Instead of waiting for The Doomsday Tablet to be complete before I publish it, I will publish it chronologically, picture by picture, as I make it.  It will be available here, and on Facebook, Instagram and probably other Social Media.  This is because I feel I have already delayed it long enough.

Also, as this is not a commercial venture, I'm hoping by publishing it in this way, to draw people into the project, and hopefully encourage some support, from financial to the lending of Playmobil!  All contributors will be acknowledged in full.   Again, whether the book is translated, will be down to the level of support the book receives.

This is therefore the start of a long journey, and I hope to publish my first pictures in a couple of months :) 

For the latest news on the sequel, see https://www.facebook.com/TheDoomsdayTablet