I promised in the post below that I would give more details about why sales of "The Green Man" have been halted.  Unfortunately I'm not yet in a position to report back, but thought I owed everyone an update. Sales of my books are unlikely to recommence, but there are some exciting developments with regard to making the story available to everyone for free on-line.  Watch this space!

I hope those of you who have purchased either the printed copy or the download from Ave! Comics will not be disapointed.  The money you have spent has helped towards the high costs of making "The Green Man", and you own 'rare' items!  Ave! Comics will continue to support those of you who have purchased the electronic version of the books.

I'm also sorry to disapoint those of you who were waiting for the reprint.  It may still happen, but in the meantime you'll be able to read "The Green Man" - "L'Homme en Vert' - "Der Grune Mann" on-line.

In terms of the future adventures of Thomas Swift, these are now in doubt.  Certainly "The Doomsday Tablet" seems unlikely to come to fruition as I am returning to full time employment, and both funding and time for such an ambitious project are in very short supply!  Shorter adventures may ensue, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the new incarnations of "The Green Man".