First the bad news - last month Geobra Brandstatter contacted me about my book, and I was hopeful they would reconsider licensing it, as the approach was informal and friendly.  After a series of meetings however, it was apparent they did not want me to sell the book.  Thomas Swift Productions is therefore now a non-commercial venture, and I'm unsure I'll ever be able to complete "The Doomsday Tablet". I am now back in full-time employment, and timewise and financially, it is too massive an undertaking to take on in my spare time.  Geobra's decision is therefore a devestating blow to my hopes of making Playmobil my career.

The good news however is that this now means my book can be made available for free to everyone.  I decided the best way of doing this - now that books and e-downloads are no longer available, was to convert the book into an audio-visual slideshow to post on Youtube

The other good news is that a friend from Chile has very kindly offered to translate the book into Spanish - making it available to many more Playmo fans.  There's a limit to the size of blog entries, so I will give details of how to read the book in my next blog!