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The Green Man appeared as a book and electronic download in 2011, but these are no longer available.  Instead it is available for free as an ebook or a series of videos!

 Explore the site to find out more about The Green Man and the forthcoming sequels.

Welcome to the home of comic book hero Thomas Swift

The Green Man is the first comic book adventure of Professor Thomas Swift. It was available either as a printed book or electronic download, but is now available to read for free, in electronic book format on Issuu and as a video on YouTube and other video sharing web sites. It can be read in English, French, German and Spanish! (see the link below)

It's unique in being made up entirely of photographs rather than being drawn. With the magic of digital editing an entire world has been created bringing to life the popular children's toy Playmobil┬«.

Aimed primarily at children between the ages of 8 and 12, it's a book that can be  enjoyed by all the family, young and old. 

The Story

Thomas Swift, a professor at the University of Devon, receives a letter from a friend concerned about the strange goings on surrounding a medical student - Anika Price. Thomas sets off to investigate and  embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, finding himself fighting Vikings     in medieval England, chasing kidnappers, and climaxing in a confrontation with the Dark Lord in his 9th Century fortress, as he    solves the mystery.