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The Cast of Characters in "The Green Man"

Thomas Swift is a professor of English at the University of Devon, and lives in a small flat above a music shop called Wardle's Music.

Despite his eccentric dress sense, he does come from the 21st Century.  He is however a little old-fashioned. His surprising dress sense may partly be explained by his other job, as presenter on the popular TV show Meet your Ancestors, which delves into the family history of the rich and famous.

In "The Green Man", he stumbles across a method of time travel whilst investigating the strange goings on at his friend's college in Oxbridge, and this will be the start of many adventures spanning history, the world, and our own time!



Clare Bright is Thomas's friend and colleague at the University of Devon, who has to juggle her teaching with being a single mum to Zoe. She helps Thomas in his research and gets embroiled in his adventures



Sir Donald Smooth, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Devon, is Thomas's boss. He's from a privileged background and a bit pompous / arrogant. He's at the peak of his career, and proves to be unreliable in later Thomas Swift adventures



Thomas meets Paul in 13th Centruy England. Paul takes charge when the town of Culver is threatened by a viking raid. We may meet him again in a later adventure.



Although we never hear their names, Osric and Hengist are the Culver town guards, and are key in helping Thomas avert disaster. Hengist is the older and wiser, and may be descended from the vikings himself!



Anika Price is a second year medical student at Trinity College Oxbridge whose strange activities are the source of the adventure, her motivation being family honour and lifting a 10th century curse. She is the descendant of Grim the Sneak and Ivar the Toothless.




Ivar the Toothless is Anika's co-conspirator, but he is a Viking Chief from the 13th century. He leads the raid on Culver, and is also a descendant of Grim the Sneak.




Sven is Ivar the Toothless's second in command. A fearsome, tatooed and reliable warrior, but not too bright.




Baron Godfrey de Vaulx is the good humoured local warlord in 13th Century England. A larger than life character who enjoys a drink and a good laugh, he comes to the aid of the villagers of Culver. 




Father Gerard is the Parish Priest of 13th Century Culver. He is keeper of the Culver Tome that contains the key to what is going on.




Philip Montegue is an old friend of Thomas’s and Dean of Trinity College Oxbridge, whose letter about Anika Price sets off the adventure. In his youth he played rugby and flew in the RAF, and Thomas has always appreciated his kind and wise advice. 




Chief Constable Roberts is in charge of the local Devon police. He is a bit sceptical about Thomas's stories of time travel, but is still willing to help. 



Charlie Woo is a young dashing member of the Unexplained Mysteries Ministry (U.M.M) who helps Thomas in trying to foil Anika Price’s plans and The Dark Lord. With Clare Bright he will figure prominently in Thomas’s future adventures.




The Dark Lord / Gorm the Horrible is Lord of Hornstrup in 10th Century Denmark. His worship of the Norse god Odin and evil actions are at the root of this adventure.



Brother Olaf is a humble Christian missionary who falls foul of the Dark Lord: he is the link between 10th Century Denmark and Culver in the 13th Century.