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Sadly due to work and other things this project is on hold - possibly permanently. Nic 27.6.20

Apologies for the long delay in updating this page, but unfortunately another Playmobil project is taking hold of my time first half of 2016 so you'll have to wait a little longer :(    Nic 3.1.16

3 May 2015:  Finally updated, including styles coming out in Germany in the Summer. Hope to replace any catalogue pictures I have used with my own soon. Over 10 new colours for 2014!

(12 styles in new colours and 1 new style coming out Dec'14 to July'15

- will add once information is no longer confidential 27.8.14)

Please note however that the set numbers are shown as examples and are not a comprehensive list.

Do you know of any other styles or colours? Please send to :)

Future plans: - replacing pictures for new releases with my own photos - ongoing

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