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My Western Collection displayed at Woodsetton School

16-17 Feb 2014 

Click on the photo! 

This is a photo of me in 1978 taken by my sister :)

As you can see, I've been into Playmo for a very long time...

This page is going to be the story of me and Playmobil, how it became such a passion, and in the process I'll be able to show you my other Playmo projects and show off my collection !

Quite an undertaking I hear someone saying (not sure quite who!) - and this is why this is 'work in progress': I'll be regularly updating this page in the coming months :)



Researching Playmobil on the Internet eventually led to the discovery of my first fan forum. Not only was it good to discover that I wasn't the only adult to have caught the bug, but it provided wonderful inspiration.

Click on the photo to see some of the custom buildings and figures I produced as a result.

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